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Stopping Iran Oil Exports Impossible: MP

A member of the Iranian parliament’s energy committee said it would be impossible to stop Iran’s oil exports, adding, “Our oil has its own buyers and the US claim to bring it to zero is unrealistic.”

Stopping Iran Oil Exports Impossible: MP
(Tuesday, December 4, 2018) 10:11
Abdul Hamid Khedri told IOTCO.IR that the Americans could not bring Iran's crude oil exports to zero.

He added: "During eight years of the imposed war, we exported our oil to the world markets in any way possible, and oil production did not stop; in the current situation and by imposing sanctions, we will produce and export our oil anyhow."

The MP further stated: "With the elimination of Iran's oil from the global market, China, India, Europe, and even the United States face a serious crisis, and the world will face a sharp rise in oil prices.”

Khedri said: Iran had the ability to sell its oil without pressure or demand, because Iran's crude oil customers were always there.
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