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Kharg Terminal dispatches 780mn crude barrels in one year

IOTC operation director said approximately 780 million barrels of crude oil were deployed to international markets through Kharg Oil Terminal last year.

Kharg Terminal dispatches 780mn crude barrels in one year
(Tuesday, August 29, 2017) 11:07

Head of Iran Oil Terminals Company's (IOTC) Export Department Gholamhossein Gerami said over 230 million barrels of light crude oil, 480 million barrels of heavy crude and about 70 million barrels of blazing oil were exported from the Iranian terminal in the previous year.

“The figure for the earlier year had stood at 432 million barrels though it skyrocketed last year thanks to implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA),” he continued.

The official noted that more than 800 oil tankers moored at Kharg Terminal to receive crude in the previous Iranian calendar year (ended March 21) while only 540 vessels had tied up at the Iranian terminal in the year before that.”

Gerami went on to recount on notions of ‘saved time’ and the difference between the time set by GCT and real loading time asserting “unfavorable weather conditions were among the main causes of delay in the loading and exporting process as 128 days in the previous year suffered from bad weather leading to closing down of docks in certain cases.

IOTC operation director pointed to installation of an SRJ devise to prevent formation of sediment at the bottom of crude storage tanks saying “last year, storage tanks and docks enjoyed readiness of 89 and 98 per cent respectively while the figures had been 82 and 87 per cent in the year before.”

 Later, Gholamhossein Gerami reported on a 48% rise in exports of gas condensate from Assaluyeh terminal in the meantime stating that 206 million barrels of the product were shipped.

Touching upon future agenda of Iran Oil Terminals Company, the official said, in the present year, fleet modernization will take place by measures like renting four tow vessels and benefiting from capabilities of private firms more than the past.”

Other steps being taken include manufacturing of two tow vessels, subsea repairs and construction of ships, training human resources, creation of floating docks in Assaluyeh, updating certificates, descaling of tanks, signing swap contracts as well as exporting West Karun oil through Kharg Oil Terminal.

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