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Number of Foreign Oil Tankers Docking at Kharg Raise in Post-JCPOA

IOTCO :A senior Iranian official said the number of foreign oil tankers docking at Iran’s southern Kharg oil terminal has increased after the implementation of Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action reached between Iran and G5+1.

Number of Foreign Oil Tankers Docking at Kharg Raise in Post-JCPOA
(Saturday, May 14, 2016) 19:49
Speaking to IOTCO on Saturday, Head of the Archives and Information Office of Kharg Oil Export Terminal Ebrahim Hosseini added that Iran is now exporting 50 percent of its oil cargoes by the help of foreign oil tankers.
Before the nuclear deal, just 10 percent of Iran’s oil was exported through foreign tankers but now, oil tankers from Asian and European countries including Spain, Romania, Norway, China, Japan, South Korea, India and Turkey are transporting 50 percent of Iran’s oil abroad, he said.
The official said that sometime, several oil tankers simultaneously dock in Kharg Oil Terminal and the number of oil tankers docked there simultaneously reaches even to five which is unprecedented.
He described the latest status of Kharg terminal’s harbor and facilities as Iran’s largest oil terminal for the post sanction era and said the Kharg terminal is ready now to host world's largest tankers.

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