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Iran Ready to Berth VLCCs

IOTCO : Iran says it can moor the world's biggest crude oil carrier at Kharg Island's international oil terminal.

Iran Ready to Berth VLCCs
(Sunday, May 8, 2016) 19:18
  • A senior Iranian official with the Iranian Oil Terminals Company (IOTC) said 9 VLCCs (very large crude carriers) can berth at Kharg terminal for loading. 

    Gholamhussein Gerami, head of the exports administration of IOTC, said tankers with a capacity to carry 360,000 barrels of oil can berth at the island. 

    Iran does 94% of its oil exports from Kharg Island in Persian Gulf waters, Gerami said. 

    Kharg terminal receives the crude oil recovered from oil-rich regions through a number of pipelines to store them in tankers with a capacity up to a million barrels with a total capacity of 28 million barrels which is expected to grow to 32mb.

    “That would be a record rate because it will resolve many problems and will boost our standards as an international terminal [in Kharg Island],” IOTC managing director once said.

    Some of the tankers can store different crude oil types. 

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